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Who Uses Chiropractic Care?

The Two Requirements

I have personally heard of a handful of instances where someone whose heart had quit working, and then “brought back” after receiving a chiropractic adjustment to the C1 atlas vertebra.

You cannot ever count the body out as long as there is no interference to the signals FROM the brain going TO the body!

HOWEVER: Generally we like our patients to be breathing!

Chiropractic has 2 requirements: You must have a spine, and you must be breathing!

When one discovers that chiropractic is not an alternative to an aspirin (and is more of a lifestyle), one can quickly understand why this would be important for anyone who is subject to gravity!

You get ONE spine and ONE body, there are no replacements!  Take care of what you got!

Cradle to Casket

Anywhere from 80-90% of spinal misalignments actually occur during the birthing process.

Ask any female you know…delivering a baby is tough work and many times the medical team has to use suction, forceps, or other outside forces to assist in the process.

While effective at getting the baby out of the womb, these practices can be detrimental to the spine of the newborn, especially in the upper neck.

This is why we do a gentle spine check on all kids!  Do not let their spine develop abnormally and cause problems in adulthood!

The one who has health has hope; and one who has hope, has everything.

Fast forward 75 years:  The body is less mobile, more stiff, more deteriorated, and more inflamed…a prime candidate for chiropractic intervention, which helps reverse and combat those very things.

BONUS NOTE: Studies show that seniors who get adjusted regularly spend less money on annual healthcare costs and have better balance, which means far less falls and injuries!

Now or Later: The Price We All Must Pay

The body is an amazing entity which must be (and deserves!) regular maintenance throughout life — not just when things are really bad!

Think about it:

  • Do you take your car in for an oil change AFTER the engine explodes, or before?
  • Do you have to mow your grass every week?  Why doesn’t it stay perfect?  Why do weeds keep growing?
  • Do you have to clip fingernails and brush teeth often?  Why?
  • How about working out at the gym — once you’re in the best shape of your life…can you quit working out?

Ignore your health and it will go away.

If there is one area that gets neglected more than anything it has to be the spine.

Besides the mind, the spine is rarely maintained and strengthened to suit the stressful environment we live in today.

Think about it, your SPINE…your MIND…two of the most important things a human being has…are neglected the MOST!

No wonder Alzheimers, back pain, neck pain, headaches abound in society today.  Millions of cases every single year!

Don’t fall into the “that won’t be me” trap!  We are all subject to stress and to gravity and we will all have invest in our health NOW when it is easy or LATER once it is really wreaking havoc.

TIP: Do it NOW because your options later are few AND are not as exciting to consider!

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