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The Tech Neck Wreck!


WHAT IF I told you that you could virtually double your energy levels, increase focus and productivity, increase your creative skills, and drastically improve the health of your muscles, joints, bones, and nerves–all by the flip of a switch!

WOULD YOU believe it if I told you that the flipping of said switch would cause over 70% of Americans to have anxiety and feelings of fear, EVEN THOUGH it would ultimately result in better health, a clearer mindset, and a more successful and productive life?

HOW ABOUT the fact that, since this switch has come into existence, it has almost single-handedly caused the postural health of this nation (and many other industrialized countries) to sink to an all-time low, resulting in unprecedented amounts of spinal degeneration, arthritis, and overall disease.

IF you are reading this on your cell phone right now, this article is about to get REALLY interesting.

Today, we talk about “nomophobia” — a modern era condition that is short for “no mobile phone phobia.”

This means that the majority of people now “suffer” from a condition that is essentially:  freaking out when you do not have your mobile phone by your side.

Text Neck, Tech Wreck, and the NOOK Crook

Cell phones, Kindle, NOOK, iPads, tablets, etc, etc, etc.

These handy devices may make life easier in a sense, but it is unwise to assume that they are all benefit and no drawback.

In fact that are several statistics and research teams that have uncovered some shocking truths as it pertains to the tech-driven world that we are so reliant on today.

For every inch that your head goes forward of your shoulders, an extra 10lb of tension is added to the neck

The effects of flexion addiction do indeed add up.

The main culprit for flexion addiction?  You guessed it!  Mobile devices!

A study in SPINE magazine in 2005 was conducted by a team of medical doctors (note: not chiropractors).  They found that a patient’s breathing, heart rate, pain levels, disability….all health markers that were measured GOT WORSE as the bio-mechanics of the body shifted away from baseline normal.

HERE’S THE MAIN POINT:  The worse your posture and the more stiffness you have = worse overall health.

Start ‘Em Early!

If you feel it is “too late to save yourself” I want to encourage you by noting that you CAN change!

But if change is not something you’re interested in, at least consider your children and/or grandchildren.

Back in the early 2000’s, the average adult was online an average of 9 hours per week.

Today, that number is at 24 hours per week, with kids averaging a whopping 63 hours per week!

Statistics now show that nearly 60% of children aged 8-12 have their own cellphone

Think about it:  How many adults do you know right now that have:

  • Neck pain
  • Mid back pain
  • Low back pain
  • Headaches / Migraines
  • Vision issues
  • Eye-related conditions

Take into consideration that most of these adults spent 1/10th of the time (if any!) hunched over surfing the web, playing video games, checking social media, sifting through emails, and the like.

And yet 9/10 American adults faces spinal issues at some point in life.

MY QUESTION: What’s it going to be like for today’s children i.e. TOMORROW’S adults?

Knowing what we know about bad posture and how it affects the body as a whole…AND looking at the current adult health stats…the prognosis is truly grim.

As an Aside…

The damage doesn’t stop at the spine.

Psychologists, chiropractors, medical doctors, and statisticians have joined forces to expose just how far-reaching the devastating effects of tech overuse really are.  This issue goes far beyond increasing your risk of looking like a candy cane when you’re older.

The eye-opener for me personally was when I read about psychologists discussing the impacts that mobile devices have had on a child’s ability to have a face-to-face live conversation.  This art is being lost among the younger generations.

Also discussed were smartphones and the affects they have on marriages — now joining sex, money, and kids on the list of “most common triggers for couples’ arguments.”

A recent study from BYU found that those affected by “technoference” had higher rates of depression, more relationship conflicts, and lower overall life satisfaction than those who used mobile devices sparingly.

66% of adults in the US “suffer” from nomophobia, the fear of being without a mobile device.  The numbers are (no surprise here!) much worse among teenagers

Clearly, the insult has stretched beyond simple bio-mechanics and has now become a mental, social, and familial issue as well.  Incredible.

Now What?!

Do this:

  • Silence all notifications from email, social media, etc.  Some successful business people still do not even have a phone, so don’t give me that excuse!  Your phone doesn’t need to ping every time someone likes a post.
  • Become consciously aware of your posture when using computers, tablets, and especially cell phones.
  • Designate a time to have your phone off or completely away from you.  Shoot for at least 30 min.  1 hour is better.  Use this time to connect in person with family or friends…or do some meditating or reviewing of your goals (if you don’t have these written down email me ASAP!)
  • Do not bring your phone to the dinner table with you.  The world will not end if you take 20 minutes to eat and be present.
  • Look into digital dieting methods.
  • Research silent retreats in your area.  These can be so rejuvenating and life-changing!
  • Try sensory deprivation tank therapy (you can thank me later)

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