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The Silent Killer

In our modern society we are bombarded with information, emails, texts, tasks, to-do’s, checklists, requests, have-to’s, should-do’s, and ought-to’s at an unrelenting pace (your heart rate probably just went up simply by reading that last line.)  We as Americans are especially subject to this run-and-gun lifestyle and in fact find it to be quite normal and “part of life.”

In a chiropractic office, it is our mission to mitigate the wear and tear that results from the never-ending onslaught of responsibilities we are faced with every single week of the year.  More often than not, the physical and mental tasks we regularly take on will manifest symptoms throughout the spinal column.  Poor posture on your commute or at your desk for hours on end will do it.  Feeling like there’s “too much to do and never enough time” will certainly do it.  There’s thousands of events occurring every day that have the potential to shift your physiology toward a negative state.  When we add up the sum total of negative effects from these events, we arrive at a state in the body that is a precursor to virtually every single disease process out there.

This “state” we have mentioned is called stress, and it is stealthy.  It operates silently, builds up over the days, weeks, months, and years…and ultimately leaves the body in ruins.  A ruined body is a prime candidate for sickness and disease to take up residence and begin to further the damage that has already occurred.

Here’s the take home point:  a human body under stress often does not exhibit symptoms until AFTER stress has been running rampant for a prolonged period of time.  Please, do not base your health solely on how you look and how you feel!  Everyone knows someone that went in for a check-up and came out with a scary diagnosis, even though that person “felt fine.”

Below are some quick and easy tips for dealing with the daily stresses that are inevitably going to be a part of life.  The more regularly we neutralize stress, the less sickness we will be faced with. 

Balancing Perceptions

Realize that all events are neutral until you decide if they are positive or negative.  This is the most general yet significant step we can all take.  The mind is a powerful tool if we choose to use it wisely.  It is not what happens to you, it’s how you perceive that event that determines if you feel stressed or not!

Tai Chi

An ancient Chinese martial art that is renowned for its health benefits.  Tai chi can be practiced by individuals of all ages and skill levels.


Incorporates and coordinates proper body posture, controlled movements, breath-work, and meditation to assist with decreasing stress.


Simply focusing the mind on something as simple as your breathing pattern for 5 minutes can achieve amazing results if practiced over time.  See this link for the best meditation information ever:


When the spine is well-aligned, mobile, and free…so is the rest of the body.  Having a more balanced nervous system will combat against the detrimental effects that both physical and emotional challenges can bring.  Our nerves are controlling the rest of the body and play a critical role in allowing any human being to adapt efficiently to stress.

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