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The Best Exercises for Beautiful Posture and Spinal Longevity

The Research Behind Posture

Several studies have been conducted that link poor posture to poor overall health!  Who knew?!   Looks like grandma was on to something when she was always yelling at you to sit up straight or to walk tall!

The latest research has resulted in many Americans regularly seeking chiropractic care to restore and maintain a more ideal structure and stature as it pertains to the body.

Even so, patients always ask about exercises to supplement their care so I wanted to address that question on the blog.

CLICK BELOW to watch a brief video linking great posture to more optimal levels of health.  Fascinating!

Bringing Order to Your Framework

The are many quick and easy implements that can work wonders for your posture.

Before adding any new regimens in, it is most important to look at a typical day and decide what needs to be removed.

That 10-year old desk chair that is terribly non-supportive needs to go!  So does reading all of those books without a proper book stand!  And so does hunching over like a candy cane when you are texting for hours on end!

Once we remove the thorn, THEN the proper healing can begin to take place!

The Plan

If you scour the internet, you’ll find a plethora of exercises, stretches, yoga poses, and the like…all claiming to be the holy grail of creating perfect posture.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer.  There is no perfect routine.  But there are those movements that have been proven time and again to be most beneficial.

Below I will include what I have found to be the most efficient and effective methods of at home postural and spinal care, to be utilized as an adjunct to the care that we provide in our office.

These are also exercises that I believe can be sustained throughout a lifetime, and not simply disregarded after a month or two!






As the research will continue to prove, chiropractic is at the forefront of improving one’s posture and thus overall health and well-being!  Each time you are adjusted there is in fact a small but powerful segmental improvement in your posture.  That improvement leads to more mobility, function, blood flow, and nerve power in that specific area.  This implement will ensure that the days, weeks, months, years, and decades will not compound and leave you in a hunched-over catastrophe later in life.

Additionally, it is wise to address the soft tissue in the body (i.e. muscles, fascia, etc.).  A skilled massage therapist is a great option for this and even 1-2 massages per month can assist in easing tension throughout the musculoskeletal system and creating lasting change in your posture!

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