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Supplements for the 21st Century

We live in a world filled with products.  Thousands of options from hundreds of companies who all claim that they are the best.

If we boil down all of the hype and cut to the chase, we are left with a handful of what we would call true necessities.  A true necessity is any substance that the body requires to function optimally, but cannot manufacture on its own.

Countless hours of sifting through the research will reveal that in the modern era most of us are going to require the following additives to keep our health at the highest level possible:

  1. Whole Food Multivitamin
    Why it made the list:
    The benefits derived from using a whole food source for your multivitamin are significant. A whole food vitamin will contain real, dehydrated foods and will be better absorbed by the body due to the natural combination of the nutrients contained within the dehydrated food particles.  This is opposed to taking a capsule filled with synthetic, man-made versions of “vitamins.”
  2. Vitamin D
    Why it made the list:
    Sun exposure is amazingly good for you as long as you’re not overdoing it.  Just like anything, moderation is key!  The UVB rays from the sun’s light are used by the body to manufacture its own Vitamin D, which will always be better than any supplement form.  However, most people are not getting proper amounts of sun exposure and even if they are, many times the strength of the UVB in the rays and the angle at which they are hitting the earth is not adequate to sustain proper levels of Vitamin D.
  3. Probiotics
    Why it made the list:
    The foods we eat in the modern world are so depleted to begin with, and few have any sort of probiotic content within them. Products are also becoming more and more processed and having their nutritional value stripped as a result.  Unless you are regularly eating high quality fermented foods, your gut deserves the added support from a good probiotic supplement.
  4. EPA/DHA
    Why it made the list:
    Commonly called fish oil, EPA and DHA are fatty acids that are essential to a variety of bodily functions. Sadly, most fish you’d buy at the supermarket is void of these amazing compounds, which should normally be present.  Again, this is due to the mass production and processing that is rampant within the food manufacturing world.  It is becoming more and more difficult to find good quality fish that will still contain a decent amount of these natural omega-3’s.

Of course, it is imperative to ensure that the body is working optimally BEFORE we spend hundreds of dollars to provide it with top-notch fuel.  That’s why chiropractic is so wonderful!  Given that the nerve system in the body is the master controlling system, we always recommend being adjusted on a regular basis to ensure that the digestive tract is functioning at its highest potential.  This will allow for the most efficient processing and absorbing of the food and supplements that we take in.  The more mobile the spine, the better the nerves to all organ systems will work!

Remember: You are not what you eat, you are what you GET from what you eat!

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