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Retirees Share Top Regrets – Chiropractors Not Surprised

If Only I Would Have…

Results are IN and we can use them to ensure that we do not make similar mistakes in the future.

Hundreds of retirees surveyed gave researchers PURE GOLD

Or did they?  One would think that this kind of information would be common sense…well common sense “ain’t so common” as they say.

The top regrets of retirees included not setting goals for their health and wealth future, and not taking the small easy steps that would have prevented the big difficult issues they are now threatened by.

What we learn is that these people wished they would have had more foresight!

Foresight is not about predicting the future; it’s about minimizing surprise.

It seems that the average young adult and middle-aged person spends more time and effort planning his/her vacation every year than he/she does their financial and health future.

NOTE: You can always go to see Mickey Mouse next year, he will still be around.  But if your spine rots over time and ruins your nerves, there are no do-overs!

Did You Know?!

Imagine sitting at dinner in a restaurant with about 30 other tables around you.  As you look around, you figure there are about 100 people sitting in the place.

Did you know that the latest studies indicate that about 50 of those people have some kind of chronic disease?  Did you know that nearly 60% of retired adults are on at least 2 prescriptions that they plan on taking for the rest of their lives?

THE SCARIEST PART: All sources seem to indicate that these figures are skyrocketing UP, not down!  Despite all the money, science, tech, and smart people, the American population continues to be ravaged by disease and dysfunction.

No wonder there are so many retired folks that tell me they “wish they’d started chiropractic earlier in life.”

These people now have 20/20 vision because they are now in the future reflecting on the past…what has already happened.  Hindsight is 20/20!

And more often than not, it becomes CLEAR to these people that they forgot to invest in their health little bits at a time…so now they are suffering the consequences 10, 20, 30, or 40 years down the road.

Elon Musk Said So

Notable figures like Musk have been quoted and have written about the “doctor of the future” i.e.  the doc that will tell the TRUTH…the doc that will interest his/her patients in small investments WHILE YOU’RE HEALTHY, so you don’t go health-bankrupt when you’re “older.

That’s the chiropractor ladies and gentlemen!  We have been propagating that message since 1895 and that’s why we all look young and healthy and hardly ever get sick!  It’s great!  Join us!

It makes sense doesn’t it?  What financial adviser in their right mind would say, “hey just blow all of your money now – screw the future – live for the present – don’t save – you’ll be fine – it’ll all workout – that poverty-in-retirement thing probably won’t happen to you”?

(^^^go ahead and laugh at that ^^^)

YES, it is that obvious!  So WHY do we think health is different from wealth strategy?  They are in fact one in the same.  In fact the word “wealth” comes from a word that used to mean “whole” or “well-being.”

KEY POINT: Invest in your wealth AND health now…because nobody will be there to save you later…and because consistency compounds!

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