Your First Visit

Welcome to Our Office
You will immediately be greeted by our kind staff upon entering the office.  In order to make your visit as convenient as possible, print the “New Patient Forms” provided on our website and bring them to your first visit.  A photo ID and any necessary insurance provider cards will be additionally required.  Once our staff processes your paperwork, you will be given a brief tour of our facility.

Next, you will sit down with Dr. Brandon or Dr. Jessica to discuss your case in further detail to determine if you are a good candidate for chiropractic care.

The doctor will conduct a detailed examination of your spine and the supportive structures surrounding it.

If your particular case warrants the need for x-rays they will also be taken as part of your examination.  X-rays are great tools in helping the doctors rule in or out specific conditions of the spine and also are a great tool in helping the doctors develop a care plan that will fit your needs specifically as an individual. The doctor will review your x-rays with you one-on-one.

New Patient Paperwork

Below you will find the new patient paperwork.  Please complete all forms and have them with you on your first visit to our office!

Payment Options

We accept most major insurance plans and are registered with Medicare.  Call us today and ask our staff to verify your insurance benefits!

No Insurance
We offer extremely affordable care plans to accommodate those without insurance coverage.

Family Plans
It is our goal at OneHealth to take care of your entire family, so we offer affordable family care plans to ensure that each individual in your family has the ability to reach their fullest potential!

College students receive a 50% discount after verification of classroom hours.

Payment Types Accepted
Cash or Credit Card


Chiropractic is an alternative healing art that is based on the philosophy that within each person is the ability to heal and express optimal health. Chiropractic works to restore full capability to the nervous system, which controls every tissue, organ, and function within the body. When the nervous system is fully-functional, many symptoms that patients experience are often alleviated. Joints stop hurting, breathing becomes easier, energy skyrockets, and sleep is improved dramatically. Over time, the body is able to rebuild itself into a better functioning and better structured machine. This is accomplished by improving the health of your nervous system.

A subluxation is simply a misalignment of a joint that interferes with the normal activity of the nervous system. Any bone that is not properly aligned interferes with the normal functioning of your nerves and results in lower levels of health. 99 times out of 100, we cannot feel subluxations, so they are commonly ignored. Over the course of weeks/months/years/decades, the problematic areas and nerves can deteriorate and begin to cause problems that most people call symptoms. This is your body telling you that there is an emergency.

The adjustment is used to correct a subluxation and relieve nerve pressure. This is done by gently pushing the misaligned bone back into position. Once the bone in question is properly aligned, nerve flow is improved and the body works better. Chiropractors are the only doctors thoroughly trained to deliver a spinal adjustment.

Done properly, an adjustment should never be painful. Our doctors have and will continue to travel around the world to seminars that further train chiropractors in the most gentle, effective, and precise techniques available.

Being born is hard work! Often times, the baby has to turn, roll, tuck, and squeeze before he or she leaves the birth canal. Forceps and suctioning devices are commonly used to pull the newborn out by the head. Many times, our first subluxation occurs as we are being born. As we go through life bending, twisting, playing sports, living with stress, studying, sitting at a desk, commuting, etc. the probability of having spinal misalignments is almost 100% We treat patients ranging from 1 week to 99 years old!

Maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system throughout pregnancy is very important for both mom and baby.  Proper alignment of the pelvis and spinal column ensures that the development and birth of the child is as perfect as possible. Research has shown that regular chiropractic adjustments throughout pregnancy can reduce labor times and decrease the need for c-sections. Dr. Jessica has been extensively trained in the Webster Technique which is specific to pregnant mothers.

You don’t have to do anything forever! Maintenance care with chiropractic involves routine checkups to ensure that your nervous system is functioning at its optimal potential. It’s no different than going to the dentist for routine check-ups or working out at the gym multiple times per week for your muscles. Visit frequency will depend on your age, type of work you do, your activity level, and the overall condition of your spine.

Have you ever wondered if there is some secret you are not aware of that could put you on another level in your life? Something that increases energy levels, sharpens focus, improves your mood, and supercharges your immune system? Staying regularly adjusted simply lets your body do everything at a higher level than you ever thought possible. It is the difference between driving a Honda versus a Ferrari.

How much do you use your spine on a daily basis? The more neglect we give our spine, the more it breaks down. The old saying goes: "ignore your health and it will go away" The future of healthcare is in the prevention of disease, not in the treatment of an already sick and weak body. If you want to stay well and enjoy your life fully until your last breath, take care of your spine and nerves!