Patient Education


The Chiropractor’s Role

Why the Spine?

What Is Health -- Luxury or Necessity?

Are You at OPTIMAL Health?

Your Missing Piece

A Stress Dissolving Strategy

Proper Body pH!

Pinched Nerve?

Chiropractic + Arthritis

Kids and Chiropractic!

Car Crash Basics

Chiro & Athletes

All Olympians Do This!

Elderly + Chiropractic

Consistency v. Crisis

How Do You FEEL?



New Heart Research

GI Issues?


NO Symptoms NO Problem

Men's Health

Sitting is the New Smoking

All Desk Workers -- DO THIS!

Let's Be REAL

Your Are Not a Slave to Your Genes!


I Didn't Do Anything!

The Pros LOVE It!

Maintain It!

The Silent Killer

Life-Saving Anatomy Lesson

Man 1 vs. Man 2

Grateful for Pain


A Trip to the Spine!


Remove the Interference

The Underlying Problem

We Don't Treat Anything!

The 10/90 Rule

So Easy A Kid Gets It!

Syntropy vs. Entropy

The Gold Standard

No Compromise

Edison + Chiropractic

The BIG Idea

TELOMERE Research!

The Product of LIFE!

The 3 E's!

Where's Your Focus?