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Ladies! Your Health Matters!

Women, We Celebrate You!

For those unaware, in September we celebrated women’s health and fitness across the nation. The whole point of the celebration was to encourage and empower women to take CONTROL of their health.

After all, without your health you have nothing!

It doesn’t matter how rich you are, how many people like you, or how successful your business is — you cannot pay someone to take your place in a hospital bed!

“Ignore your health and it will go away.”

So that means we must make our health a priority on a regular basis if we want to first get healthy….and then stay that way!

So how do we do that — especially in a fast-paced society that is LOADED down with physical, chemical, and mental stressors?

It’s All About LIFESTYLE!

The main thing we want to focus on to answer the question above is LIFESTYLE.

“Your genes load the gun, but your lifestyle pulls the trigger”

Your environment (i.e. surroundings) holds more bearing over you health status than your genes do!

So here are some of my tips and tricks that I do on a regular basis to maintain health!

  1. Regular chiropractic adjustments (even though I have ZERO pain)! Why? To maximize function of my nervous system so my body can heal and function optimally.
  2. ACTIVE – As chiropractors we say movement is LIFE, so moving my body is a regular part of what keeps me healthy! My weeks consist of usually around 4-5 gym workouts (weight lifting + cardio) and then the rest of the time I am outdoors with my family biking, hiking, and playing with our dog Diesel (he loves to say active too).
  3. Proper Fuel – The majority of my diet consists of FRESH, ORGANIC, WHOLE FOODS including: vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and grass-fed proteins. A good rule of thumb I use is…. if it wasn’t alive — DON’T EAT IT!
  4. Supplementation – Because our food isn’t as nutritious today, supplementation is a MUST to keep our bodies healthy. My every day regimen includes a multivitamin, a fish oil, vitamin D (for immune system and proper absorption of calcium), Vitamin C (especially in the winter), and a good probiotic to support my digestive tract.
  5. Massage & Essential Oils – I make it a point to at least get 1 (if not 2) massages every month and I use doTERRA essential oils daily to really maximize my body’s ability to cope with stress!

But Can I Really Do It?

Now here’s the kicker…..if you are reading this thinking, “Man, that seems like a lot of stuff, there is NO way I can do all of that!”  Let me first say that is 100% FALSE. I am a mom, chiropractor, business owner — so if I can find the time (and $$) to invest in my health, that means you can too!

Just remember, you don’t have to start with everything all at once.

Start making little changes and slowly start to implement some of the above-mentioned strategies into your health regimen. I promise, your body will THANK YOU for it!

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