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How Dangerous is Average?

Many people we declare as “successes” have faced great challenges growing up, and many of us who had the average upbringing see that as something that allowed those people to step into greatness…something we don’t have. We may not have a rags-to-riches inspiring story to tell the world, but we do have a hindrance all our own: being average, being middle class. And it has become a disease of epic proportions.

One of the hallmark symptoms of being average is: COMPLACENCY. At least at the bottom of the hell hole, you become hungry! You learn to scratch and claw and to develop certain skills! You grow up having to be tough, having to fight and stand up for yourself. An “ordinary” upbringing teaches no such skills. Instead it brainwashes you to think average and to be content, to simply appreciate what you have, and you become another cog in the machine. The opposite of success is not failure, it is CONFORMITY. How easy it is to conform to the status quo alongside all our middle of the road brothers and sisters and be “okay” with the average life.

Alright, maybe I have your attention. So what’s the TREATMENT here? A nice bucket of ice water thrown in your face might be a good start, or maybe you just need to have everything taken from you and live in your car for a few years. Bottom line: most people need a wake-up call and need to become more INTENTIONAL. Without the conscious intent and effort to begin your climb from the middle, your prognosis is quite grim at best. You become doomed to a lifetime of mediocrity, driving an average car, living in an average house, taking average vacations. I challenge you to begin to transcend the status quo, starting today, not tomorrow or in a month. Now.

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