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How Chiropractic Works

How Does Chiropractic Really Work?

The practice of chiropractic was never intended to be a substitute for medical treatment.

Chiropractic stands alone: there is no other profession on this Earth that has the mission that chiropractic does.

The reason I decided to leave the path toward medical school and instead pursue chiropractic was because of the philosophical outlook of the profession.  Chiropractic doesn’t “treat” anything — We are simply seeking to optimize the performance of one single system: the nervous system.

We do that not by treating named conditions, but by addressing bio-mechanical dysfunction that should not be present in and throughout the spinal column.  Many times this is referred to as subluxation.

The practice of chiropractic is so pure and beautiful: our main goal is to mitigate the daily stresses and strains that cause interference to the body’s governing system, which is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves.  When the spine is free of dysfunction, the brain, spinal cord, and nerves can function at a much higher level.

Entropy: Wear and Tear

Entropy is a fancy word for breakdown.  It is a word that physicists use when describing the tendency things to become disorderly.

  • You car has a tendency to rust…ENTROPY
  • Your garden has a tendency to grow weeds instead of flowers…ENTROPY
  • Your hair has a tendency to become messy and develops split ends…ENTROPY
  • Your body has a tendency to become weaker vs. stronger if left to chance…ENTROPY
  • Your spine has a tendency to become stiffer, more arthritic, and less supportive…ENTROPY

TAKE HOME POINT: Nothing maintains itself!  Why anyone would expect the spine to somehow stay in great shape even though we largely ignore it throughout our lives…is incomprehensible.

What That Means for YOU!

It is the sole purpose of this quick BLOG/VLOG to highlight the idea of entropy and the fact that the human spine is extremely susceptible to it.

AND…after watching the above video, it should be very apparent that chiropractic is well-positioned to address that issue!

This is an extremely big deal when we are simply considering spinal bones and joints, but what about the spinal nerves?

Each set of spinal bones has a pair of spinal nerves which exit the spinal column and continue on to control everything from muscles to glands to organs.

“So if I fail to mitigate the entropy my spine is undergoing, my nerves can become dysfunctional and negatively impact my overall health?”


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