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High Performance Care

Introducing the never before heard of concept that no doctor has ever talked to you about:  High Performance Care.

High Performance Care (or HPC) is and has been utilized by the high-performing and high-achieving masses for several decades.  Touted as “my saving grace,” “the fountain of youth,” and “my secret weapon in my health routine” by uber successful actors, businesspeople, athletes, supermoms, and beyond, regular chiropractic care throughout one’s life is being proven to result in an overall better quality of life.

Famed best-selling author Napoleon Hill, at age 85, was asked how he managed to look and function like he was half his age.  His answer?  “I eat sparingly, work enthusiastically in a labor of love, love generously, and take chiropractic adjustments once a week whether I need them or not.”  This coming from a man who had the great honor of shadowing Andrew Carnegie and other members of the world’s elite for several years!  Incredible!

We call chiropractic “the organic original” in our office!  A chiropractor uses no pills, needles, or instruments…just our bare hands.  We are committed to our sound philosophy that essentially states that the human body built itself and KNOWS how to maintain itself in optimal health AS LONG AS there is no interference to those processes responsible for keeping us well.

Nature needs no help, just no interference.

Turns out, the more regularly you see a great chiropractor, get adjusted, and remove any and all interference (misalignments, inflammation, etc.) in the body, the body experiences a whole variety of benefits.

Those people who choose to implement the chiropractic lifestyle understand that getting adjusted when you feel GOOD is as productive as when you feel like GARBAGE.  These individuals are some of the healthiest people we know and constitute the HPC population in our office.

Studies conducted to investigate such claims have not disappointed:

Research done in 2010 by the Journal of Complementary Medicine asked hundreds (if not thousands) of chiropractic patients what unanticipated benefits they received from seeing a chiropractor regularly.  Answers included better sleep, better energy, increased hope, increased sense of well-being, better balance and coordination, increased ability to relax, improved emotional stability, improvements in physical conditions unrelated to back pain, less brain fog and more concentration/focus.  If there was a pill that could do that, it would be fast-tracked and on the shelves with days!

A fraction of these patient testimonials even included claims that chiropractic had changed someone’s entire life.  Many of our own patient testimonials verify this as well!

Further research by the Spine Institute of Australia has repeatedly correlated spinal adjustments with better brain function, and studies done by Deyo decades back were linking improved immune competency to being adjusted on a regular basis.  Improved immune competency meaning more white blood cells in the body and thus a higher degree of defense against rogue bacteria, viruses, and other illness-causing organisms.

The best cure for disease is to not come down with it.

Anyone looking for an easy, affordable, and efficient method for maintaining health, maximizing quality of life, and ensuring that you feel great throughout your entire life should seek out a great chiropractor to care for their spine and nerves!

The old adage reigns supreme: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  We truly are the doctors of the future and are best suited to provide the public with the philosophy and care that best resonates with that timeless advice!

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