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Grateful for Pain!

Imagine living a life where your one wish is to be ABLE to feel pain.  A life where your existence and overall longevity on this earth was HIGHLY dependent on having aches, pains, burns, etc…and actually being able to suffer through them.  This is a life where you would actually be thankful for the hurting that you face throughout the years.

Should you really be grateful to have no pain???

There’s an old saying: We don’t know what we don’t know.  It’s called unconscious competence.  Given that most of us will never have leprosy or congenital insensitivity to pain (SEE VIDEO BELOW), it’s not likely that we could ever find spot in our hearts for loving the idea of pain…because we don’t KNOW what being burdened with those conditions is like.

The victims of these ailments would tell a far different story.  These people would LOVE (yes LOVE!) to have to ability to feel pain.  In the aforementioned illnesses, the body cannot feel pain.  It sounds great initially, however most of these individuals are lucky to make it to 30 years of age due to common things like infections or burns costing them their lives.

I don’t understand…how could an infection cost you your life?

If you have a simple cut on the bottom of your foot, don’t feel it, it gets infected, and you continue to do nothing (because you cannot feel it)…what do you think happens?


It is so easy for us to be in pain and have a full-on negative outlook on the whole situation.  When you’re in pain you naturally want to complain.  I get it.  It sucks.  This is the default for 99% of human beings walking planet earth.  Negativity is where our minds want to jump to because it is really easy to do so.

I see many of these cases every single week.  One of the most incredibly simple things we can do for patients is to help them see that pain is a GOOD thing!  It means your body is communicating properly.  It serves as a check engine light so that your “engine” doesn’t fall to pieces later on down the road!

Let us first flip the script and be GRATEFUL that we have a working body that is even able to transmit those pain messages to us, THEN we can go about figuring out a solution that will bring us back to optimal health and function!  Finding a way to be grateful for the pains in our life (physical and emotional) will always result in a speedier recovery and full healing process.  You can take that to the bank!

For more great insights on how FORTUNATE we are to be able to feel pain, consult the following readings:

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