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Chiropractors Don’t Treat Anything!

Common Misconceptions 

Chiropractors (like any professional) certainly are not strangers to having to field an array of questions and provide answers to many common misconceptions about our profession.

Probably one of the most common myths that patients mention is that “you chiropractors think you can treat EVERYTHING!”

This is indeed my favorite comment to respond to, because nothing could be FURTHER from the truth.

Chiropractic, contrary to popular belief, does not “treat” ANYTHING!  We are simply focused on making your brain, spinal cord, and nerves run better!

And that’s important because…

The nervous system controls and coordinates all organs and structures of the human body.
– Gray’s Anatomy Textbook

The word “treatment” is not even in a chiropractor’s vocabulary.  We do not diagnose and label patients with this or that, we are very much content knowing that if we can optimize the master controlling system of the body, good things will NATURALLY ensue due to the laws of anatomy, physiology, physics, biology, and the like.  Things such as:

  • Return of normal function
  • Better range of motion in joints–which drives better overall brain function
  • Better blood flow to the area in trouble
  • Less inflammation throughout the body
  • More efficient communication between the brain and body
  • Strengthened immune system (higher immuno-competence)
  • Heightened ability to deal with and mitigate stress (YES, this has been proven!)

This is the new age way to think of health, we want to RETURN the body to baseline, balance, homeostasis…naturally…and good health WILL follow given enough time and given that there is still enough good quality body tissue to utilize for healing!


There are two sides of the fence as it pertains to your philosophy about health and healing.

One says you are born with the genes you are dealt and are subject to whatever they are, with little ability to change or adapt…SO you must take any pill, potion, or lotion you can get your hands on in order to help out your puny, weak, poor, pitiful body.  This is called the OIBU paradigm, which stands for Outside-In, Below-Up.  When you take this stance you rely on outside sources coming IN to the body to heal you.

The second philosophical stance one can take is the ADIO paradigm, which stands for Above-Down, Inside-Out.  When you take this stance you are acknowledging how incredible your body really is.  You are saying, “my body is strong, powerful, INTELLIGENT…if it can build a human being from ONE SINGLE CELL then it darn sure knows how to heal that same body!”  You inherently know and believe that as long as the body has nothing interfering with it’s natural processes, optimal health can be expressed!

Which camp sounds more inspiring, empowering, hopeful, uplifting?

How do you want to go through life?  Being scared or feeling powerful?

Notice how if you were to ask anyone in the world, “are you healthier when you are on a bunch of pills or when you are taking nothing?” they will all agree that an empty medicine cabinet = a healthier human being.


Chiropractic is the future of healthcare, because it actually focuses on HEALTH, not on disease.

We are not going to label you with “migraine headaches”, “fibromyalgia”, or any other named thing…we are going to ask WHY the body is producing those types of symptoms and WHAT can we do to return the body to a more balanced state.

When I say balanced, I mean balanced structurally (spinal alignment) and balanced functionally (nerves, hormones, etc.)

A spine that’s kept IN LINE…keeps the nerves ONLINE…which keeps the body balanced and feeling FINE!

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