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Chiropractor vs. Dentist

If you brush your teeth regularly, this is a very important post for you to read and share!

Just as we take the necessary action steps to maintain oral hygiene, we must do the exact same as it pertains to our spinal hygiene.

The negative effects that result from years of spinal neglect are serious and can make needing root canal look like a walk in the park.

Teeth Are Like Vertebrae…EXCEPT…

One resides in the mouth…the other, deep within the depths of muscles, ligaments, and cartilage.  One is part of a team that chews, tears, processes the food we consume–the other a part of a team that allows us to stand upright, initiates motions, and guards precious nerve tissue (that controls the rest of the body!)

Both a tooth and a vertebra are used often and on a daily basis, and DESERVE regular maintenance (i.e. tooth brushing/dentistry and adjustments/chiropractic, respectively).

One difference that should be blatantly obvious and common sense is that when a tooth rots it can be replaced with a transplant and proper function can resume.

Ever heard of a spine transplant?  Me either!  So take care of the one you were given!  Your body will thank you for it!

Use Necessitates Maintenance!

As we drive our car, we are not surprised when the oil change light inevitably begins to flash across the dashboard.

When we miss 2 weeks at the gym, we are not surprised when the 25’s feel like 55’s and running a mile feels more like a 5K.

If we neglect our computer, skip the upgrades, and say to heck with the virus scans, it is not too shocking when the computer begins to run slowly (i.e. declines in function).

Thus, it should not be a shocker when years of spinal use and abuse catches up to you and you find yourself stiff, immobile, in pain, and unable to do those things you used to love and enjoy.

Do this for me:

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Visualize yourself looking into a mirror
  3. Imagine smiling at yourself and imagine seeing nice, white, well-maintained teeth
  4. Now, imagine what that smile would look like if you had never brushed your teeth, never flossed, and had never seen a dentist, ever.  Go ahead.
  5. Realize that this is what most people do for their spine and nerves and is exactly why spinal pain, dysfunction, and disease continue to skyrocket in America.  This is simple anatomically-based truth.

Hopefully that gets your mind going a bit.

Think of it like this:

We eat food daily, therefore we brush our teeth.

We walk, sit, move, exercise, mow the lawn, hike, bike, play sports, study all hunched over for hours on end, etc…therefore we get adjusted regularly (or should be!)

No X-ray Vision:  The Take Home Point

It has become apparent throughout my tenure as a chiropractor that the old adage is indeed true:

Out of sight, out of mind.

When you look in front of the mirror every morning and every night, there they are smiling back at you: the pearly whites!  Nobody wants to have stains on them, nobody wants them to be crooked, broken, or chipped…and nobody wants decay in and around them (bad breath = no friends).

When all goes wrong with your smile, we are more often than not going to be able to see it!

The spine is so buried in the soft tissues and is inaccessible as far as our vision goes, so of course it is much easier to ignore and to write off.

But neglect comes with strings attached.

Further degeneration and lack of function in the spine simultaneously results in lack of function in the body’s governing system, as mentioned before.

This not only robs the body of a high level of overall health, but results in a progressive decrease in quality of life with each year of chiropractic deficiency that goes by.

So take action now rather than waiting for a health bomb to go off later on down the road.

The price you pay to WIN is always less than the price you pay to LOSE, especially with your health.


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