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Why is OneHealth the Best Chiropractor in Fort Collins?

Both of the OneHealth doctors discovered chiropractic in a very similar fashion.  They were on track to begin medical school when they each met a local chiropractor whose clinical excellence and outlook on health changed the course of their lives.  When invited to intern at this doctor's clinic, the results that the Drs. Buttry witnessed were so inspiring that they both elected to forgo medical school in order to pursue a doctorate of chiropractic.

The philosophy of chiropractic is that the human body is perfectly capable of healing itself, as long as no interference exists within.  As doctors, we love that reasoning because it is wholly true.  We have thus made it our mission to help as many Fort Collins residents heal naturally and maintain optimal health  going into the future!

Remarkable precision

Digital x-ray analysis, spinal nerve testing, and in-depth examination to better ensure success.

The results you want

If you can tell us what you want, our doctors can engineer the plan to make it a reality.

No waiting

Because we value your time, every office visit is efficient, effective, and to the point.


Easy financial arrangements in order to accommodate those with and without insurance coverage.

Our Doctors

Dr. Brandon Buttry enjoys working with patients from all walks of life.  He has expertise in working with athletes across every major sport, with a focus on improving performance and preventing injury.  Dr. Buttry has also completed rigorous post-doctorate work through Harvard Medical School and is a specialist when it comes to handling auto accident cases.

Dr. Jessica Buttry is dedicated to serving all women and children of Fort Collins.  She has received extensive training through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association with a focus on serving the pediatric and perinatal population.  Dr. Jessica believes it is truly an honor to play a vital role in allowing expecting mothers and young children to express optimal health.

Both doctors enjoy sharing natural health information with the public and at numerous businesses, health summits, and national chiropractic conferences.

Brandon Buttry DC

Jessica Buttry DC

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