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Back to Backpacks

With so many kids going back to school, the conversation inevitably turns to backpacks and the EXTREME threat they pose to one’s posture — no matter the age!

Interestingly enough, our children’s posture may not be the only thing we should consider worrying about.  It goes much deeper than that.

Poor Posture = Poor Health!

Could something as simple as a backpack be a stealthy and consistent destroyer of the wearer’s OVERALL health?  Turns out, the answer is YES!

Insult to Injury

Given that most of us get our first subluxation upon being born, it goes without saying that a lifetime of wearing backpacks, carrying heavy purses, and dragging luggage around only compounds the issue.

If a car is out of alignment, driving it will only produce GREATER amounts of wear and tear over time — until the alignment is corrected!

And so it is with the spine!  Why is one bone totally worn down while another right next to it is maintained perfectly?

It’s because the former was in a misaligned state for several years.  Add in all of the twists, turns, bends, etc. and you get an accelerated amount of deterioration due to dysfunctional bio-mechanics!

This is the equivalent of having a cavity and never getting it fixed…it will only cause more wear!

Don’t wait to have a root canal with your teeth and don’t wait to have a surgery in your back!  Maintenance is cheaper, simpler, faster, more convenient, and painless!

Quick and Easy Solutions

The most prevalent backpack folly is wearing the backpack with only one strap!  This one is certainly common sense and is easier to enforce on a 4th grader vs. a high-schooler…good luck parents!

Hopefully after reading how improper backpack use affects the ENTIRE body and impacts OVERALL health, you will be more assertive with your children when suggesting they wear the pack the right way.

Next we want to consider the weight limit of your backpack.  A loaded pack should not weigh more than 10-15% of your body weight.

So for a 50lb elementary school kid, that means no more than 8lbs.  How many kids are walking around with 20 or 30lb backpacks?  Answer: ALOT!

Lastly, we want to be sure to utilize wide straps and to have them tightened up so the pack does not sag.  Not addressing this will cause the body to compensate by hunching forward.  No good!

For more information on backpack safety, FEEL FREE to call our office for recommendations!  Here’s to another great school year ahead!

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