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Are Chiropractic Adjustments Permanent?

Is Anything Really Permanent?

Even a so-called permanent Sharpie marker will fade, given enough time.


  • When you cut your lawn on Saturday, it grows back and needs to be addressed after one weeks time.
  • We get haircuts every month and trim our nails every week.
  • We are all (hopefully) brushing our teeth every morning and every night.
  • Washing your dirty bug-plastered vehicle will make it shine for a week or two…but you’ll soon find yourself back at the car wash after a handful of trips on the freeway.
  • Economies boom and bust, the market gets rocked every 8-10 years, and bull markets are always followed by bear markets.

And the most recent research now indicates that the spine requires regular maintenance every 1-3 weeks.

This is further validated through the experience of MILLIONS of chiropractors treating 100’s of MILLIONS of patients over BILLIONS of hours.

That is simply how the laws of the Universe work and simply what the body requires in order to get to and achieve optimal health on planet Earth!

Nothing is permanent except change.  – Heraclitus

Think about it: Not even the greatest empires in the history of mankind have been permanent!

Is Babylon even around anymore — NO!  It is in ruins somewhere out in the Iraqi desert!

Does the Roman Empire sill control the world?

TAKE HOME POINT:  Anything or anyone hoping to maintain a current state of being OR seeks to elevate to a new level…must understand that it takes repetition and discipline as these are simply required due to the destructive raw forces of nature!

Critical Factors

There are several things to consider when pondering the longevity of a single round of adjustments.

  • Age
  • Body type and current weight
  • Bad habits you know you shouldn’t be doing!
  • Previous injuries
  • Current and past stress level (are you 1/10 or 11/10?!)

Your doctor of chiropractic will be much better able to give you a prognosis after you have sat down and visited with him or her about your current health status and future health goals!

That’s why we always offer a FREE CONSULTATION at OneHealth Chiropractic!

To submit a request for a consult with one of our experts, see below!


Treatment vs. Lifestyle

The question “how long will this adjustment last” is really the wrong question in the first place.


Because chiropractic is a system, it is a lifestyle, it is a process — NOT a treatment!

As a society (especially in America) we are inundated with a medical mindset and in most cases have a hard time wrapping our heads around continuous investments!

That’s why hardly anyone ends up wealthy in the world — the percentage is somewhere near 1% — out of 8 BILLION people!

Achieving a state of peak wellness, optimal function, AND sustained high levels of health requires a system! A BIG part of that system involves making continuous investments in YOURSELF.  That is after all, the greatest investment you could ever make!

The best investment you can make is in YOURSELF!  – Warren Buffett

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