What Is True Health?

Health is not a destination. Health is an ongoing, individually unique process of earning and maintaining natural well-being--where susceptibility is minimized, potential is MAXIMIZED, and the greatest expression of life is achieved through consistent investments in yourself.

Our Philosophy

All human beings deserve to be adjusted regularly throughout life due to the unending encounter with physical and emotional stresses that gradually limit the performance of our bodies and ultimately, our health.

Our Mission

OneHealth Chiropractic exists solely to educate, adjust, and transform as many people in the world as we effectively can in our lifetime and beyond.

Core Values

Propagate the chiropractic message
Exemplify excellence
Restore order
Personify vitality
Elevate human health and potential
Provide unmatched efficiency
Deliver enduring results

Meet Dr. Rocky

The Early Years

Armed with a degree in Exercise Science from Black Hills State University in South Dakota, Dr. Leach aka (Dr. Rocky), was ready to take on the world. After a low back injury, while performing a deadlift, he went the typical medical route. First, he tried an MD, where he was told muscle relaxers and rest would fix all. After a month of no results, he did 2 months of physical therapy. This did make him stronger, but the pain was still there. Finally, he stumbled upon a Chiropractor who told him he had multiple, "Subluxations." His first adjustment was life-altering and with a little pain relief came hope. Dr. Leach was hooked and from that moment on, he decided to become better than the typical medical route and Chiropractic was his future.



Dr. Leach decided to get as far away from South Dakota as possible and got accepted into the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. This was too expensive of a dream and Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida was the next best thing. While in school he learned many techniques and took extra electives in Gonstead, Flexion-Distraction, and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization techniques. He also went to multiple seminars including Gonstead, full spine, and extremity adjusting techniques. He canadjust as gently as necessary with very light drops, that even your grandma would enjoy. He also utilizes traditional manual adjustments with more force for the athlete in the family. After getting a tan and a Doctorate of chiropractic degree in 2019, Dr. Leach worked in a multidisciplinary Chiropractic Clinic in Alaska that specialized in Stem Cell therapy and physical therapy for knees before patients had to resort to surgery. Craving more life experience, Dr. Leach wanted to see what chiropractic was like overseas and learn as much as he could. So in the middle of a pandemic, this calling for adventure brought him to a high-volume clinic in Singapore. Thousands of patients later, tons of practical experience, an inhuman amount of Korean BBQ later, and it was time to own his clinic. Now serving the Northern Colorado community, Dr. Leach is calling Fort Collins CO home!

Final Chapter

Having a Chiropractor or any doctor that lives and practices health and wellness is important. Dr. Leach has been involved in many sports throughout high school from soccer, basketball, boxing, and snowboarding. He is a regular at the gym and is currently working on calisthenics and a better handstand. Not only does he preach a healthy lifestyle, but he practices it. With the new move to Colorado, Dr. Leach plans on getting involved in all the outdoor activities from mountain biking to rock climbing. With a passion for helping people live healthier, happier life, and first-hand experience with chronic low back pain, Dr. Leach is here to serve the community the best way he can. Stop in and let him examine your spine thoroughly and create a care plan to help you live your best life pain-free!

The Gonstead Methodology

The Gonstead Methodology is perhaps the most difficult technique for a doctor of chiropractic to master. The degree of diligence and precision that is required during the examination process, x-ray analysis, and actual spinal work is simply unparalleled.

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