What Is True Health?

Health is not a destination. Health is an ongoing, individually unique process of earning and maintaining natural well-being--where susceptibility is minimized, potential is MAXIMIZED, and the greatest expression of life is achieved through consistent investments in yourself.

Our Philosophy

All human beings deserve to be adjusted regularly throughout life due to the unending encounter with physical and emotional stresses that gradually limit the performance of our bodies and ultimately, our health.

Our Mission

OneHealth Chiropractic exists solely to educate, adjust, and transform as many people in the world as we effectively can in our lifetime and beyond.

Core Values

Propagate the chiropractic message
Exemplify excellence
Restore order
Personify vitality
Elevate human health and potential
Provide unmatched efficiency
Deliver enduring results

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Brandon Buttry

Dr. Brandon Buttry has been successfully treating patients from all walks of life since 2013.  His transition into chiropractic occurred while studying pre-medical sciences at the University of Nebraska.  Since that time, his sole focus has been on helping others recover from injury, improve athletic performance, and achieve optimal levels of health – naturally.

Dr. Brandon received his Doctorate of Chiropractic through Parker University in Dallas, TX.  He was fortunate enough to be one of just eight interns selected for a highly-coveted internship at the VA North Texas Healthcare System in Dallas.  His time spent there involved serving hundreds of our nation’s veterans through chiropractic care, and exposed Dr. Brandon to cases of the highest complexity and which are very rarely seen in a traditional chiropractic office setting.

Dr. Brandon’s post-graduate education has included several hours of coursework through Harvard Medical School.  He has also completed extensive training in neurology and the management of traumatic injury patients.

When not in the office, Dr. Brandon is an avid researcher, writer, and speaker.  He enjoys reading the latest science across several fields of study and has shared his findings with professional and lay audiences across the country.

Dr. Brandon lives with his wife Jessica, daughter Khloe, and dog Diesel.  The family enjoys exercising, hiking, biking, and traveling the world together.

Dr. Jessica Buttry

Dr. Jessica Buttry received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Central Oklahoma where she was a part of the Lady Broncho’s Basketball team. In the fall of 2011, she began schooling at Parker University in Dallas, TX and graduated 4 years later with her Doctorate in Chiropractic. Upon graduation, Dr. Jessica and her family relocated to Fort Collins to open a family practice.

Dr. Jessica is a perinatal and pediatric chiropractor serving families throughout Northern Colorado since 2015. She has received extensive post-doctorate training including certification in the Webster Technique, which is specific to pregnant women. She has also completed several hours of coursework through Harvard University and travels all over the country attending seminars to better her skills, as well as keep up to date with the latest chiropractic science and research.

In the recent past, Dr. Jessica has held membership with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, has been an active and involved member with the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce, and also completed an internship with the Dallas VA Medical Center where she had the opportunity to serve our nations veterans.
Outside of the office Dr. Jessica leads a very active and healthy lifestyle. She loves to workout, go hiking with her husband and daughter, take her dog Diesel on trail runs, try out new and healthy recipes, and travel.

The Gonstead Methodology

The Gonstead Methodology is perhaps the most difficult technique for a doctor of chiropractic to master. The degree of diligence and precision that is required during the examination process, x-ray analysis, and actual spinal work is simply unparalleled.

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