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“Why didn’t anybody tell me this sooner?”  Such a common question from patients in our office, and one that we tend to hear week in and week out.  One of my favorite analogies has to be that using chiropractic just for backaches is like using a swiss army knife just for the screwdriver…you’re deriving value but you are also missing out on the other 99% of what it can do!  Today, let’s take a quick look at some of the other researched benefits that getting adjusted regularly can procure.

1. KEEPS THE POWER ON – A well-aligned and mobile spine ensures that all spinal nerves (that control your entire body) are working as perfectly as possible!

2. IMPROVED RANGE OF MOTION – Better alignment and less pressure in the joint allow for instantaneous improvements in mobility.

3. INCREASED CIRCULATION – As a joint gains more mobility, the increased movement helps blood more easily flow to the specific tissues.

4. BETTER IMMUNE SYSTEM – Several research studies have touted chiropractic’s effects on boosting immuno-competence by over 100%

5. DECREASED REACTION TIME – A must for athletes! Faster brain-body connection = quicker responses in your sport of choice.

6. STRONGER MUSCLE CONTRACTION – Athletes showed a significant increase in leg strength after receiving just one chiropractic adjustment!

7. LESS STRESS – Adjustments calm the nerve system and have been shown to reduce stress markers in the body. Less stress = better overall health!

8. LESS ARTHRITIS – More mobility, less pressure, and better joint alignment are a recipe for warding off arthritic conditions.

9. BETTER BALANCE – The spine is heavily involved in your ability to balance. The better the spine works, the more solid your footing!

10. INCREASED TELOMERE LENGTH – Longer telomeres = less aging!  Chiro care over just 3 months actually lengthened telomeres.

This list could number 100 if we really spent the time to look at all of the new research coming out every single week!  Chiropractic’s benefits far outweigh any supposed side-effects simply due to the fact that a chiropractor’s main objective is to restore order and balance to the human body.  When all spinal bones and all spinal nerves are fully functional, the body has no interference to it’s normal processes and thus is able to achieve and maintain an optimal state of well-being.


  1. Eileen BensonDecember 3, 2019

    It was interesting when you said that chiropractic adjustments can lead to less stress by affecting our nerve system. I’ve been getting ready for a big meeting at work and have been really stressed out as a result. Reading your article made me want to find a chiropractor to perform an adjustment so I can start feeling better!

  2. Dereck McDoogleMarch 11, 2020

    My coworker says that he is very stressed and he feels his muscles contracted. I appreciate how you explained that a chiropractic adjustment can relax the nervous system leading to reducing stress. Thanks for sharing this article, I will definitely tell him to think about visiting a chiropractor so he can get an adjustment as soon as possible.


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