Gonstead History

Imagine a chiropractic technique so effective that its developer was forced to construct a full-service hotel next to his clinic in order to accommodate the mass numbers of hope-filled patients from across the globe.  Such was the case for Clarence Gonstead, former mechanical engineer, who practiced six and a half days per week (from 1923 to 1974) and saw well beyond 1,000,000 patient visits throughout his career. 

Using several principles learned from his engineering career, Dr. Gonstead applied his vast knowledge of mechanics to the human body, the most complex of all machines.  The results his patients experienced were nothing short of extraordinary.  Deaf people regained their hearing, people rose from their wheelchairs and walked, childhoods improved dramatically, and the most complicated “medical and chiropractic reject cases” were resolved.  Dr. Gonstead became known worldwide, and even had to build a private airport at his home to accompany patients who flew thousands of miles to see him in the tiny town of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin (pop. 5,000).

Today, Dr. Gonstead is legend throughout the chiropractic profession, and is hailed as one of the most dedicated and effective healers that the world has ever seen.  The Gonstead Clinic still stands and is home to a very limited number of world-renowned technique seminars, which are reserved only for those doctors who wish to study the most advanced and intricate procedures that the profession has to offer.

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