Clinic Information

Our Philosophy

All human beings deserve to be adjusted regularly throughout life due to the unending encounter with physical and emotional stresses that gradually limit the performance of our bodies and ultimately, our health.

Our Mission

OneHealth Chiropractic exists solely to educate, adjust, and transform as many people in the world as we effectively can in our lifetime and beyond.

Core Values

> Propagate the chiropractic message
> Lead from the front
Instill positivity and hope
> Exemplify mastery
> Awaken inner vitality
> Provide unmatched efficiency
> Restore order to the body
> Promote true healing
> Embrace the counterintuitive
> Deliver enduring results

What Is True Health?

Health is not a destination.  Health is an ongoing, individually unique process of earning and maintaining natural well-being--where susceptibility is minimized, potential is MAXIMIZED, and the greatest expression of life is achieved through consistent investments in yourself.  

Contact Us

838 W Drake Rd #105
Fort Collins, CO 80526
Phone: (970) 294-4197 
Fax: (970) 294-4186

Hours of Operation

Monday: 9am - 12pm | 3pm - 6:30pm
Tuesday: 3pm - 6:30pm
Wednesday: 9am - 12pm | 3pm - 6:30pm
Thursday: 3pm - 6:30pm 
Friday: 9am - 1pm 
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed