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Pain – Friend or Foe? 

An in-depth look at what our bodies are really trying to tell us. 

Dr. Jessica Buttry

In the United States, pain has a much different connotation than in many other countries around the world. In America, pain is frowned upon and seen as a bad thing, a weakness almost. In fact, did you know that the United States alone is responsible for the consumption of 80% of the entire world’s pain pills? We do everything in our power to cover up and numb the pain without asking the ultimate question, “Why is the pain there to begin with?”

Pain is not a problem it is merely a symptom. When we define the word “symptom” we discover its meaning to be “a physical or mental feature that is regarded as indicating a condition of disease, particularly such a feature that is apparent to the patient.” I would go on to add that a symptom is simply a feedback mechanism in the body. The sole purpose of a symptom is to wake you up to the fact that your actions and your lifestyle are not congruent with those required to express optimal health, and that you may be putting your body at some type of detrimental or even lethal risk. For example: When you get a headache, it is not because your body is deficient in aspirin. The headache is actually the result of some underlying problem. It could be a pinched nerve in the neck which is causing inflammation. It could be the result of poor posture straining your neck muscles and your spinal cord.  It could be that you are consuming too many inflammatory causing foods.  It could be that you have not gotten adequate rest.  It could be that your lungs are not able to expand properly due to rib or mid-back misalignments (i.e. what we as chiropractors call subluxation) which is causing a decrease in oxygen levels in the blood, as well as a number of other reasons.

If the headache is the result of a pinched nerve in the neck (i.e. subluxation), taking a pill will not reposition the vertebra (i.e. spinal bone) that is misaligned.  The only way to correct that vertebra would be with the chiropractic adjustment, thereby taking pressure off of the nerves and allowing the body to heal itself —which will allow the headache to resolve itself. The hardest fact for most people to accept or understand is that health does not come in the form of a pill.  Rather, it comes from making small, healthy choices on a daily basis that will improve the overall state of your body. Going for a nice walk, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, minimizing the consumption of sugar, stretching, doing yoga, working on flexibility and mobility, limiting the time that we are sitting, and most important of all, optimizing our brain and nervous system health through regular chiropractic adjustments.

So the next time you feel any kind of pain (or symptom) throughout your body, whether it be in the neck, back, in the arms or legs, etc., remember to ask the question “what is my body trying to tell me?” Then, begin the process of figuring out the answer. This could include consulting your local chiropractor or trusted primary care provider, examining the foods you are eating, or performing an evaluation of your daily habits, stress load, and posture.  After all, there are no shortcuts when it comes to achieving and maintaining optimal health!

How Dangerous is Average?

Dr. Brandon Buttry
Many people we declare as “successes” have faced great challenges growing up, and many of us who had the average upbringing see that as something that allowed those people to step into greatness...something we don't have. We may not have a rags-to-riches inspiring story to tell the world, but we do have a hindrance all our own: being average, being middle class. And it has become a disease of epic proportions.

One of the hallmark symptoms of being average is: COMPLACENCY. At least at the bottom of the hell hole, you become hungry! You learn to scratch and claw and to develop certain skills! You grow up having to be tough, having to fight and stand up for yourself. An “ordinary” upbringing teaches no such skills. Instead it brainwashes you to think average and to be content, to simply appreciate what you have, and you become another cog in the machine. The opposite of success is not failure, it is CONFORMITY. How easy it is to conform to the status quo alongside all our middle of the road brothers and sisters and be "okay" with the average life.
Alright, maybe I have your attention. So what's the TREATMENT here? A nice bucket of ice water thrown in your face might be a good start, or maybe you just need to have everything taken from you and live in your car for a few years. Bottom line: most people need a wake-up call and need to become more INTENTIONAL. Without the conscious intent and effort to begin your climb from the middle, your prognosis is quite grim at best. You become doomed to a lifetime of mediocrity, driving an average car, living in an average house, taking average vacations. I challenge you to begin to transcend the status quo, starting today, not tomorrow or in a month. Now.


Dr. Brandon Buttry  

One needn’t research for long in order to build a significant list of parallels that exist between a human being and the endless array of mechanical devices which serve us on a day-to-day basis.  Cell phones, laptops, motor vehicles, lawn mowers, blenders…the list is virtually infinite.  Most interesting is the difference in the mindset we have when caring for the inanimate machine versus its living, breathing, walking, talking human counterpart. 

A newly married couple will stop at nothing to ensure proper maintenance of their brand new pickup as soon as the check engine light shows up on the dashboard.  Fear of wear and tear to the vehicle’s motor causes an almost immediate response in order to avoid further complications in the future.  Everyone loves being stranded on some random highway after dark, right?!   On the other end of the spectrum, how easy and almost natural it is for that same couple to ignore warning signs from their own bodies.

What gives?  Why do most men find it easier and more enjoyable to take better care of their truck than they do themselves?  The answer is obvious: They got their body for free.  When you invest $48,000 on a Chevy Silverado, the responsibility and accountability to maintain that investment come to the forefront of your mind.  You will stop at nothing to ensure that the vehicle stays in the most pristine shape possible, for as long as possible.  When the truck wears out, you can always buy a new one.  This is not so with the human body – your vehicle FOR LIFE.  Your physiology is designed in such a way that if we experience any type of stressor—something that shifts us into a state of distress (think sunburn)—our body will stop at nothing to correct the problem fully…and look how we treat it in return.  Check engine lights flashing, alignment issues, fluid levels are low, and all the moving parts become rusted out prematurely.

In the fast pace and modern world we live in, it becomes all too easy to “tough it out” and to “give it time.”  I encourage you to challenge what is common, and replace it with what is right.  Symptoms are not some dreaded or unwelcome inconvenience, they are your body’s way of trying to get you to take action now (not later).  When we choose a method which simply targets the symptom rather than the problem, we put the body into a state of silent breakdown.  Now we have a fire and all we did was smash the smoke alarm.  If you are experiencing daily headaches, do you really believe it is due to a deficiency of Excedrin in your blood?  Or is it an underlying problem which needs to be addressed?  As you navigate through 2017, remember: if you ignore your health, soon it will go away.  Make it a priority to listen to, take instruction from, and maintain your human machine, the most complex creation the world has ever seen.   

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